Masters Spoke Out

one-of-a-kind product initiated by ICOM


To Gather all the physicians’

perspectives and knowledge.

To Discuss all

the latest updates in this medical field/specialty.

To Summarize the hot topics

in each subspecialty throughout the conference/event.


To Help physicians and healthcare professionals on all levels

to keep enrichment of their knowledge on the most updated information and valuable content of scientific conferences and events collected in these episodes.

Masters Spoke Out

Masters Spoke Out (MSO) studio, Initiated and Managed by ICOM Group for Event Management, Media Production and Web Solutions, is a non-profitable Digitalized Arm for Medical Publication in the Palm of your Hand that delivers the Most Splendid Knowledge in a Comfortable Display by Covering the Most Informative Medical Topics during the Occurrences of Medical Conferences or Events Managed by ICOM Group.


Discussion between several speakers (best option is 3-4 physicians) in a studio area in the conference.

Each episode will be 30-45 min.

With the anchor to review the conference’s program and produce highlights of the sessions on spot to discuss within many episodes.

Episodes to be broadcasted on 2 different platforms: Masters Spoke Out and platforms related to the conference and sent by emails to reach the target audience.

To discuss a particular specialty and all of its subspecialties to sum up all the updates and highlights of conferences in different medical fields.